Reconstec 300 AC

Architectural Concrete Restoration Mortar




RECONSTEC 300 AC (part A and B) is a mortar specially designed for the restoration of architectural concrete. Non-shrink and very good bond to the concrete. Easily applied to clean, sound substrates.  Contains no synthetic polymers. For exposed aggregate larger than ╝"use part B (mix of cement, additives and sand).




Application time:

Approximately 15 minutes after mixing. Application time is dependent on temperature-it is faster in heat, slower in cool.

Compressive strength:
(ASTM C-109)

1 day
7 days
28 days

15 MPa
30 MPa
40 MPa

(2180 Psi)
(4360 Psi)
(5800 Psi)


Flexural strength
(ASTM C-348):

10,9 MPa (1581 psi)

Modulus of elasticity
(ASTM C-469):

13,8 to 16,5 GPa (2 000 000 to 2 400 000 psi)

Bond strength
(ASTM C-882 modif.):

11,5 MPa (1670 psi)

Linear coeff. of
thermal expansion:

3,6 to 4,6 x 10-6/░C

Length change
(ASTM C-157):

0,005 to 0,010 % (28 days)



Mixing Ratio:

The mixing ratio is approximately 7 parts powder to 1 part water by volume for part A and 5 parts powder to 1 part water for part B.

Finishing Time:

Approximately 30 minutes after mixing-depends on temperature, relative humidity and type of finish desired.


 Approx. 12 l  ( 0.4 ft )

Specific Gravity:



Plastic pail contains 20 kg (44 lb).

Shelf life:

1 year in original, unopened pail.


Remove all impurities, dirt, grease, other bond inhibiting materials from surface. Preparation work should be done using manual or pneumatic cutting techniques. Dampen surface to be repaired with clean water.


The mixing ratio is approximately 7 parts powder to 1 part water for part A and 5 parts powder to 1 part water for part B. Use clean container. Pour water into mixing container. The mixing may be done by hand or using a slow speed drill (300-450 rpm) with a mixing paddle. Mix to a uniform consistency for a minimum 3 minutes. Add additional water if a more fluid consistency is desired. Do not over water. Do not over-mix. Working time is approximately 15 minutes.


When the aggregate into the mix is ╝" or larger a mortar composed only with fine aggregate (part B) should be used as first coat as a bonding agent. Mortar must be scrubbed into substrate, filling all pores and voids. Use a steel trowel. Force material against edge of repair, working toward center. Apply mortar (part A) before bond coat dries. Force product against edge of repair, working toward center, then screed Allow mortar to reach initial set then apply the retardant agent by brush or spray. When a mold is necessary apply the retardant agent by painting the mold surface prior to the casting of mortar. After the mortar has hardened sufficiently to permit removal from the mold the outer layer of cement paste is removed by brushing, by high-pressure washing or by a combination of both. Clean area with water. With the removal of the cement and sand from the concrete surface, the coarse aggregate provides the texture and color of the precast panel.


 Moist curing must start immediately after finishing. Use mist spray or wet burlap for

 one day. Protect freshly applied mortar from direct sunlight, wind rain and frost.


Remove the mortar from tools and mixing equipment with water. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Avoid eye-contact and prolonged contact with skin. May cause irritation to sensitive skin. In case of skin or eye contact, wash thoroughly with water. If eye contact, consult nearest doctor.




Information given is correct to the best of our knowledge and the product is satisfactory for the purpose for witch it is intended. However, no guaranty, express or implied is given because every possible variation in the methods of its use or conditions under witch it is applied cannot be anticipated. Our liability under this guarantee shall be limited to replacement of our product found to be defective or at our option, to the refund of the purchase price of said product.



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